Monday, August 21, 2017

No News, is good news....

No News, is good news…

We survived 12 full days with out internet, and with tv more or less. Our tv watching consisted of watching LITTLE HOUSES about tiny houses built on trailers… and cartoons with the grandkids.  And little of that.

And you know what.. we didn’t miss it bit. First news we saw was on August 14th at night..  saw very little of the news as we were unpacking our camper.   So I guess you might say it was the 15th.

We had no clue about the Va. Incident. (but news has made sure we have caught up on that.)  To me… humans hate what they don’t understand…. And chose not to try to understand.  Otherwise they could sit down without raising their voices, and listen to the other side, and express their own views, while the other side listens. And who knows even comprise… imagine that.. But we all know this will never ever happen.  And as long as leaders of the world don’t stand up and say something… because as long as they stay quiet or speak lightly about it..  it not only will remain, but spread more.

It is times like this.. it saddens me, and makes me kind of glad I won’t be around to see the end of this.. unless it speeds up.  But breaks my heart to know my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.. who I love dearly… will see it.  Hopefully common sense will come back.  

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