Friday, July 28, 2017

Vacation time..and second thoughts..

This will be my last post for a while.. we are going out of state for 2 weeks.. Have a granddaughter’s wedding to go to, and then the King offered to help one of the boys remodel his garage.

So right now it is list time.. List of what clothes to pack in the camper. What other things we need to take..  What food to pack.  Packing Misty’s things too..  as she is going with us.
List of items to take.. list of last minute food to buy.. List, list, list.. and list within a list..

List of things to do before we go.. The housesitter is going to be here with in a hour before we go.  Turn off the paper, turn off the phone as the housesitter has her own phone..   Line up neighbors who will take care of the mail.. putting garbage can back… watering the garden and flowers.. Yep, one List after another.

I won’t be around computers and etc.  So a dry spell of 14 days or so, of no computer.. I got done it before. Even Facebook.. Will take my Nook so I can read. That way I can take several books without giving up space.

So while I am away.. and not posting on my blog for 2 weeks.. I wonder if I might come home and decide to end it all..  I will leave a good bye.. if I do… But then again, I might be so full of stories.. I will keep going.  I would like to make it to March 5 of 2018 at least. Then I will have completed 14 year.  An maybe that is just enough..  I will see.  And hopefully while we are enjoying our family.. the Nation can hold it together to not lower the bar anymore than he has today (with the transgender subject) and Congress grows some balls and stand up to Mr. Trump.  I can hope.
So enjoy your summer… I should be around here about the 20th.. give a day or two one way or the other. .

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