Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Silence on the field...for a month?

South Carolina Soccer league is having silence on the field in September for a month.. so far..

The parents have brought it on their own.. and I wonder how long before other states do the same..

Parents are the worse.. they show children how rude and loud and crude they can be.. It isn’t about the kids, it is about them.   No matter what the game..  t-ball, little league, soccer, foot ball.. you name it.. they show what asses they can be.  Not a great example for their kids.

Like in anything else.. it is the few that make it bad for the rest.  Because of these people.. now the kids can’t even hear the cheers.. or even the coaches.. as they are part of the silence.   How idiotic is that?

So everyone sits there.. no words of encouragement at all.
How horrible it is for the kids.. the silence.

Can you imagine going to a professional game.. be it football, baseball, or soccer and not be able to cheer your team on?  I can’t.  All these games watched on television and it will sound like a golf game. Silence…

Sad, so sad… especially for the kids. 

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