Monday, July 24, 2017

Correct me if I am wrong....

It has been just 6 months since Trump took over the reins of this nation.  And for the life of me… I can not see where he has done anything, nor has Congress.

This is suppose to be the ideal Congress for a President. Meaning the majority of Congress is Republican, just like the President.
Yet he doesn’t trust them to do what he wants… The only thing that I have seen is the healthcare issue.. which is not going well for him.
He celebrated in the Rose Garden, after the House passed a health care plan to replace the ACA. Better known as Obamacare.
A premature celebration I thought at the time..  After all the Senate had not voted on their plan, and didn’t even like their plan. So came up with one of their own.. which is not going well either.  And now in frustration, they are going for Repeal Obama care.. which is not going well either. Even with one of their Republican Senator in the hospital (McCain) it still isn’t looking well for them.  So what has Congress done for the country?  I sure haven’t seen it yet?  Did I miss something?

And then there is the President himself. … first of all, it seems he doesn’t trust his own Congress….so he keeps writing Executive Orders, which Obama got razzing for all the time.  And it seems to me.. and I could be wrong.. but ever single EO has to do with repealing anything Obama..  This President is bound and determine to ruin everything that President Obama did.  I have never, ever, ever, heard of a President who came in the offie with the agenda of removing EVERYTHING the previous President did.   It seems to me that President Trump only agenda is to remove everything Obama.. and has no original ideas of his own. Nothing.. At least that is my humble opinion. … which is sad…  

When ….. oh… when… is this Governement going to start thinking about its citizens again.. Because I see NOTHING in any of this for us.  

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