Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Word here, words there... but where are the words

There are words here and there are words there...
they are everywhere... except when you need them.

To be honest with you.. I flat out forgot yesterday..
and when it dawn on me.. I had not posted a post...
I figured oh, well...

So today..  thought about it.. but came up blank.
Not doing anything worth writing about...
And as the world turns.. I am so discussed with it
all, I don't want to write about it.. ... why ... no one
cares.  The Congress has us in disregard.  All they can
think of is how to cut funding.. so they can use it on what
their pet projects are, that they get a dollar return.... not what
the American people need....

They remind me of the Queen when she was told of the starving
in Ireland...  LET THEM EAT CAKE...    like they had anything to
make cake...

So maybe tomorrow.. I will find words.. ones that are not in disgust.

I have a subject I can think of a few.... an idea .. of my own health plan.
And watch the insurance companies and their CEO's fall on their faces.
Not a fool proof plan, but it would be almost worth it just to see the
CEO watch as every one cancelled with plan..

So until tomorrow..  I will be getting out the broom and brush up
some words off the floor, in to the dust pan and see what happens.

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