Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Getting her drivers license...

My future granddaughter, who has never really driven.. got hers today..

She had never drove before.. and she will be 21 soon. With the exception of driving an old pickup down a farm road one time.. in Hawaii.. her native state.

Being my daughter and I are firm believers, that EVERY woman should know how to drive.. we gave her for Christmas, a freedom gift. Driving classes… So she did 3 months of driving classes.. and has been practicing driving with each of us.  And then she called in for her driving test, having already passed her written test months ago.  She got an appointment for 9 on Tuesday. 

On Saturday, we drove, thru Sandpoint.. back and forth, in and out.. all thru the new mess that Sandpoint has changed their streets to. We came from each direction, so she would have it down pat, no matter where the test took her…   I took her to an empty parking lot and she practice parking, and backing up.. 

And yesterday, Tuesday, she did it.. AND she ACED IT.. the instructor came in the store where I was waiting with the baby, and told me how great she did.. and that we should be proud of her.   We went down to the driver’s license dept. and the girls there were so totally surprised as they had not seen a 0 deductions on any test in years… So I took her out to lunch to celebrate.

So do you remember your driving test? I sure do. See they provided the car.. the R.I. drivers office.  And it was different. First off, there was no starter button on the floor… like my car. It started with the key.. Amazing?  And it had turn signal, and mine did not.. lol.. but I had to know hand signals anyway.. which I knew.  And luckily I passed.. but I can remember my mother when she had to sign the papers for me to get my license… I BETTER NOT REGRET THIS… and she never had to.

What was your test like? 

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