Thursday, July 27, 2017

My mother taught me this...

Here is a throw back Thursday thoughts…. Not posted before.
There are things we do, without thinking about it..
They have become habit… unless someone ask you or you happen to think about it.. You might not think about why you do some of the things you do.

Wash the toilet from a man’s point of view.

Iron (who does that anymore?) shirts with the arms first and then the body, back first and then front. Less chance of rewrinkling

Pull dead flowers off of the potted plants, (and garden plants as well… as the dead leaves will soak up the water, and starve the rest of the plant.

Pull off of the bottom of the tomato plants, all the little leaves. Called sucklings.. go up at least 6 inches up the plant.. That leaves the leaves, buds and tomatoes getting the water that they need.

But the one thing that I can remember about my mother was when my father and I were washing one of the horses. We were getting him ready for showing the next day. I was visiting from Washington state… and an adult by this time. But the routine was the same, as it was when I was a kid.. Wet, shampoo, scrub the white stockings and hooves, then rinse from top to bottom.. letting the water wash off the soap on the bottom as well as the top.   After getting the horse done.. I was inspecting our work. My dad did one side and I did the other.. But then I noticed something. So I shouted out to my dad on the other side…  You forgot the front hock on your side… (now that word I remembered),but what was to follow, made my mother stop and then a belly laugh… What I said was… “he has poop on his front hock.”
The silence and then the belly laugh… My mother said.. you have been around kids way too long… but it is ok.. it will all come back to you… see.. around here we call that manure…

Most of my adult learning was garden rules… cut off dead roses, if you can .. go down to the 5 leaf area..and cut there.
Then they will grow more..
I planted so many petunias over the years.. driveway planters, house planters, around the tack room planters.. I thought I would never plant them again, after she passed away.. and here she has been gone, 27 years.. and I am planting petunias, because they are easy… and yesterday, there I was going thru each pot pulling off the dead flowers, with out a thought to it.. until I did… when the King asked me what I was doing and why. 

Oh, yea… it is manure now… lol… 

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