Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Practicing for HELL, once again...

Well, it looks like the temps are taking another hike.
Hitting in the 90’s even high 90’s and maybe hit
100 here in Idaho.. Not our Northern Idaho temps.

I think maybe the powers that be.. are checking once
Again to see if we can survive in HELL… So they are
Running a practice run once again.

They tried about 2 or 3 years ago with more than 45 days
Straight of 95 and up temps for us.. Hitting 100 a couple of

We all failed miserably. We bitched and whined.. Ran
Our air conditioners at high all the way thru it. Couldn’t
Even find relief at the beach as the sand was too hot.
The stores ran out of air conditions and sun blocks..

And whine and whine… is all they heard.. Only to
Whine some more that winter because it was too

So hang on to your hats, you will need them for shade.  

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