Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Washington's new law

The state of Washington has increased their no cell phone
calls law.  It has been a law for a while, to not make cell phone calls.
It has been a running question of mine, when ever one of my children call me from their cars.  ARE YOU ON YOUR CELL PHONE??? “NO,
MOM, I am using my speaker, or blue tooth (what ever that is).” So then I talk to them..but still make it short, as even though you aren’t using your hands.. your mind is not on the road.. Your eyes are, but you mind is on the phone.  

Now they have further this to mean… no texting, no talking on the cell phone (yes you can use hands free items still)… but they also added, NO EATING.. no drinking water… coffee.. no putting on make-up, shaving and etc..  Which some of that I am glad..as I have seen women putting on eye make up while driving.. as they swerve from side to side..  But NO COFFEE drinking?  What are the workers going to do, as they head to work, with their wake up coffee in their hand?    So I guess, if the officer doesn’t see your hands at 10 and 2 on the wheel… you could be pulled over.

I truly am glad to see no cell talking….AND NO TEXTING… Texting while driving is assine.. to say nothing of killing…  There was on the same news tonight along with the new law… a young lady who was drinking… and instragraming at the moment…  You get to see her horsing around at the wheel.. with her sister and friend.. then CRASH.. AND (insanely) still has her camera going as she tries to get her sister who is killed, to talk to her.. and yelling at her friend.. and talking about how she just killed her sister and she will probably go to jail… DO YOU THINK???   The second tragedy of this is… her parents.. they have lost one daughter, and will lose the other daughter to prision..

PEOPLE… THINK… what is the obsession with having to be on a phone.. to take pictures of your every moment?  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.. THINK..

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