Monday, July 10, 2017

Ah, the good old days...

Ah, the good old days….

As we watch ME TV, H&I , and ANTENNA TV.. we watch the old programs of the 60 thru the late 80’s … the clothing is a hoot in the 70 thru the 80’s..  Maybe because I was raised in the 50’s the 60’s don’t seem so bad.. and the cars are great.

Some of the shows, I actually don’t remember.. one about a robot girl? And a couple of westerns with Robert Culp. 

But while being amused by fashions, hair do’s and loving the cars.. I have to ask myself.. why did we waste 30 minutes or an hour on some of these shows.. and we thought they were great at the time.  And the detective shows of old.. we have to shake our heads at them..  No way would any detective or police detective get away with the antics of those shows.. and to compare them to the many CSI and Criminal Minds, well.. like night and day.

Got to wonder what we saw in those programs.. there are a few oldies .. like Dragnet and etc.. you still see the lacking of it.. yet.. remember it more for what your life was like when you did watch it.. 

But those were different times…We were of a different mind set. Naïve, trusting, Having faith in the system that we no longer trust. We are more cynical now.. I know I am.
Did that start in the 70’s of  Don’t trust THE MAN? Don’t trust anyone over 30?  Which is ironic, as they are the 60 year old now.

What is the old saying.. Believe nothing you hear and half of what you see…   or as my parents said.. ¼ of what you hear and ½ of what you see.  … Today it is don’t believe ANYTHING.

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