Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Cis's Health Plan...

Why not, everyone else has an idea… so do I.
And watch the insurance companies scramble..
Although they will have home, vehicles and life insurance

See each and every one of us should have a meeting
With our own Dr.  We explain that we are cutting out
the middle guy.  That we will play the Dr’s office each month.  We will pay $100 for each adult in our household and $50 for each child. If you have two kids.. you and your wife will pay the office $300 a month..  Which is a heck of a lot cheaper than what you are paying now.   And then when the Dr. multiplies that times all of his patients, he should have quite a chunk of change for his wages.

Then we call up our insurance companies and cancel all of our
Health insurance.  Yes, this might ruin the health insurance companies, but they have been not good to us either. After all jacking up the monthly premiums and also telling us what they will cover and what they will not. What is preconditions and not.  It would be worth it just to see their reactions when WE are in control.    Oh, they can keep Congress as their clients.

Now granted there is a few clinches in this deal.  We have the ones
Who partake in the world of drinking and smoking, thusly using the dr. services more than the rest of us..  But we can figure out what to do
About that…  Also there is the problem of if you travel a lot. How do you get other Dr.s  cover you?  Maybe the Dr. can have a trade off  when their patients are in our area?

The other thing is.. you will be saving money this way.. right? So you will have to save $100 a month out incase you need a specialist. And hopefully you will save enough in 5 years to pay for them.  The Drs will have to shave some of the prices as well, after all they don’t have to deal with insurance forms and offices as well.. so there should be some saving them.

One of the side effects might be.. your dr might decide you are too much of a hazard with your smoking and etc.. so they might drop you.

Like I said.. it still has a lot of clinks in it yet.. but like the Obamacare…we can work on it.

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