Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Thr frustrating life of electronics

This past weekend has been one frustrating
thing after another.  First my printer acts up.
Then my email account went wild. I have
Thunderbird, which controls all 3 of my email
account..  The one I use the most is hotmail,
and then I have my personal one.. only family
has that.. and then one that Google decided to
assign to me because of this blog when Google
took it over.   All this happen over night.. I had shut
down everything the night before… and open it
up in the morning.. It asked me for my password.
I don’t have to give it every time.  So what is with
this.. but put it in.. it told me it was the wrong one.
WHAT? It is a simple one.. in fact I was thinking
I should change it.. After several frustrating moments
I went on line and changed it to a very complicated
one.   Still not it. I could go on line, just not get any
emails..  Then I decided to try out the printer. It tells
me after printing half of the page.. that there is an
error. But no where to tell me how to fix such an
error.  So went on line..back and forth.. trying this
trying that..  NOTHING.. NIL.. 

But before I decided to commit a felon, and kill them
both.. I turn them off.. and gave it to God.  To calm
my nerves.  But all night long, it would run thru my
brain.. maybe it was this… maybe it was that…No,
brain shut up.. go to sleep. 

Got up and didn’t touch it until 10am.. I turn it
on.. and up came the request for the password.
I hung my head low.. and typed it in. AND LO AND
BEHOLD… IT WORKED..  Happy dance.. thank
you Lord… then on to the printer.. not so lucky.
after cleaning, it …in several different ways, the
machine took the paper.. and for all sense and
purpose… it took that paper in, twisted it.. smashed
it, as good as any boss who takes your hard work and
crumbles it beyond recognition, and then jammed the
I walked away, and got myself a cup of coffee… and
went back.. slowly got the paper out.. all the pieces.
started it again.. running, lining up, printer status report.
Took and unplugged the printer at the printer and at the
plug on the floor… went and drank my coffee…  came
back.. plugged everything in.. Wa la… the paper gets received.. and goes thru the printer… and came out….
BLANK… over and over.. back to research.. pages and
pages of reading.. last word… if you have tried all of
this.. then the driver is shot… (why couldn’t it told me
that a hour or so ago.)… Went to Staples to see
what they had.. Had a really weird experience …See
the nerd or what ever she called him… told me that the
printers don’t last long anymore.. about 6 months is
average. WHAT?  Then he shows me the expensive
one.. told him that was out of my price range.. we talked
about the pros and cons of each.. finally he says.. well
you would want this one that sells for $199..and get it
Insured and get your money back.. And I said no.. if
I am going to be putting out of pocket money, I am
going cheaper $79.. after all you said they all die in 6 months. Figuring he was full of bull.. I left.. Went to Walmart..
very nice gal.. had one like the one I was going to get
for $59…had it 6 years.. ink is cheaper than my old
one.. So sold.. came home and hooked it up.. still
simple enough I didn’t need the kids to do it for me.
Have I mention before.. I HATE ELECTRONICS.. especially

when they don’t work. 

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