Monday, February 20, 2017

For the shortest month, it sure is long

I don’t know if it is cabin fever or what.. but
this month seem like it is lasting for every.
I was thinking that tomorrow was the last day,
so was surprised when I had to type in the date
for this post.. the 20?  I am so ready for March.

It isn’t because I haven’t been outside, as I
have had my share of outside time.. This has
been the month of shoveling.  Not only ours
but also our neighbors as they are snow birds
and we watch their place.  Which usually is pick
up the mail, water the plants and done.. But this
year we have had our usually amount of snow,
instead of the light winter of the past 5 years.
While they felt bad, I told them, no.. as long as
they don’t charge me for my exercise classes
of snow shoveling..  lol…  The madding part is
I didn’t lose one damn pound.

Anyway, it just seems sooooooooooo long… 

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