Thursday, February 02, 2017


I went into to Facebook dragging.
Didn’t want to get into something
that was going to be all over the place
and get hacked and etc.

Then I found out I could control a lot
of it that was my page. By putting
FRIENDS ONLY, and not friend of friends.
I was also able to friend who I wanted
and decline those whom I did not want.

The reason why I agreed, was I had one
daughter in law who would send me
pictures by email.. and when I open it
15 minutes later I was looking at an eye
and a nose.  Meaning it was way big.
I also had connection thru the phone
which made it slow.

She talked me into Facebook, so she
could have me see the pictures thru
her pages.  It was great. No download
and the pictures were of normal size.

Then others had asked to be my friend.
who were actually my friends. So I ok’d
them.   And my children and grandchildren
ended up with pages as well.  So it was
great. I got to see up to date pictures
and got to see new grandchildren and
Great grandchildren right after they

were born.  Because I lived so far away
It was great!!!! And I could share my pictures.

Then Facebook changed and so did I. I
got braver, but still kept it to my own
Friends.  And some acquaintances.
Then I was having fun with it.  And along
came different pages. Sandpoint Yardsale,
Sandpoint Forum and others.

Then came the election, this past year.
Now I had made it thru a few other elections
without any problems.  Some times a little
off kilter, but still do able. UNTIL THIS PAST
YEAR.  And even now, the election is over.
And Trump is the President, that I did not vote
for.  I have the same feeling as before when
a candidate makes it to President, that I did
not vote for….I have the wait and see attitude.

But people I know.. (remember these people on
my newsfeed, are my friends and acquaintances)
have turn out so foul.  The words they say are
hurtful for mankind. Hurtful for our country and
hurtful to read.  I have ended up blocking their
links, as they are so foul.  And I have ended up
unfollowing the better of the bunch. For those who
don’t know how Facebook works.. The newsfeed
is a scroll of many people you know and what
they print on their pages. Pictures, words and
etc. You can chose to follow them or not. If you
do, then their words and pictures show up on
your daily newsfeed.  If you chose not to follow

them, then you have to go to their page to see
what they have written, as it doesn’t show up
in your newsfeed.   So those who I still care for,
no longer show up in my newsfeed. And if I want
to say anything to them.. I can go to their page.
Of course they can see what ever I post, pictures
or words. Unless they unfollow me.  
And then there are those who I just unfriend.
They were not close to me in the first place,
And we just kind of like what each of us said. Or
like each others pictures.  So being unfriend is
not so bad. Besides they don’t know they got
unfriend, unless they haven’t seen you say
anything for a long time, so they check to see
if your name is on their list. If not, they know
they got unfriend.

Since blocking about 14 different links, and
unfollowing about 8 people.. my newsfeed is
a little bit better.  And now it is filling up with
a page I signed on to join. It is a weigh lost,
and we are trading recipes of what works
and what doesn’t.  It is called Real Food
Challenge.  Sure has made life a lot more
enjoyable. As my newsfeed is 40% of them.
50% family.. and the rest is real friends.

Sure feels a lot better than the past 11 months.

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