Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Everyone is sick of snow.. except me...

But actually I like it so far. Noticed I said so far.
As with any weather, you just don’t know.

We have had enough sunshine, I haven’t got
cabin fever yet.  Been out shoveling snow, and
helping the King get some other things done.
Between moving the vehicles while he snow blows
to getting the snow rake, and deicing our freezer. 

This year we bought one of those snow rakes that
has the plastic connect to it.. it is swift.  You put the
rake up and push on it. The snow slices out and
down the plastic it goes.  No more pulling, and
doing smaller sections. This cuts thru a 2 + feet,
and down it comes pretty much on its own. Yes there
is a little pushing, but not much..

With the sunshine, and the snow shoveling going pretty
well, I am doing well with it all… Now we wait and see
what the next couple days do.. with rain coming.. it would
be nice if we had some warm to go with it.. and take the
snow off all the roofs.  I say all, because we are watching
over a friend’s house as well.. and did not take the snow
off theirs, as it was melting and shrinking. They only had
about an inch on before the little over a foot came this
weekend.  Then all the edge froze like a rock. So we
will see what the weather these next 4 days brings.

And for the others.. hang in there… we are just a

month and half away from SPRING..  

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