Tuesday, February 14, 2017


As the Contours use to ask…
“Do you love me.. do you love me…
Now do you love me…”

That seems to be the words and question
of the day.. So you go out and spend your
the big bucks to prove to your love … that
you love her..

I say .. her… because it is usually the male
who gets the short end of the stick on this
love day.  She will get.. at the small end..
candy, flowers and a card.. At the top end
it is diamonds, and pearls, dinner at an
expensive restaurant and more.

But what does the guy get? A card… not much
else.. Maybe if he is lucky.. he will get a home
made meal of his favorite food.

There is big bucks in this day.. a dozen roses
that you could get last week or next week for
a mere $13, 98… not cost you $29.99 to $60
a dozen.  And the chocolates.. well, you can’t
just buy a little heart with 12 in it.. You got to
go the gusto…of 3 layers of 24 pieces a layer.

But those who have read my blog over the years,
know that I think Valentine’s day is a rip off.
The stores have lured you all in.. and guilt
you into big purchases.. don’t forget the
Sexy underwear… for either sex..

But if you really want to do this day right.
this is how it is done.   First.. all those
lovely dovey words?  Should have been
said all year long.  Not just one day a
year.  Second.. you don’t have to be a
poet.. just what ever is in your heart..
Write it on a piece of paper… fold it
over.. draw a sweet looking red
heart on it.. with her name in the middle.
You don’t have to be an artist, simple is better.  
Tell how she/he made a difference in
your life.. After all, we all get in the rut
of taking our spouses for granted. We
love them.. but they rarely hear the words.
We see by actions..but the words are nice too.
See it is that simple.. And if your gal.. looks
at it.. and doesn’t look pleased.. doesn’t smile…
Then you have the wrong one.

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