Tuesday, February 07, 2017

SNOW DAY....and I still got it

We have been getting our share of snow of late.. 
We gained a foot over what we had.. on Friday night.
Then Saturday night another foot with Sunday night
finishing us off with another foot for the total of 3 feet.
On top of what we already had. 

this is the doggie path, that the King has in for Misty... to run and also to go to the


This hang over is icicles and snow melting.. to soon fall off the eave of the roof

This car was wipe clean on Sunday morning..

fence repair in our future for this Spring. ..

This is the drift in the corner.. from the windy night of Saturday

The sun shine thru on Monday moring...peeking thru the snow bound tree

my Jack in the Box Christmas hat antenna ball..

our back yard

Neighbors tree .. beauty in the mess of snow..

At noon time it had warmed up to 37.. so I went out with
gloves and sweater.. and made some fun snow
things.. the snow person.. 
the snow angel
and the snow monster 
at the age of knocking on the door of 77
I still got it.. to play in the snow. 
My kids will tell you that it was common
for me to wake them at 1am..when I found
out it had snowed.... to get them to get dress
and go make snow men and angels. 
Guess the kid is still inside. .
All my grandchildren now how to make angels..
and now my great grandchildren are making them. 

didn't think the rose bush was so close when I went down to make the snow angel

the snow monster.. I only had a little food coloring and that was green.. usually
I do the angels in blue and do the monster in total green with white eyes and

happy 30th birthday, Josh... 

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