Monday, February 06, 2017

Another Super Bowl done and gone...

We watched the Super Bowl.. The King doesn’t
normally watch.. he is not a football fan.  But he
did watch a few of the play-offs and decided he
liked the Faclons.

He was really enjoying the game for the first half.
And I found out he isn’t a Tom Brady fan, because
h heard about the deflated balls last year.  He does
not like cheaters he said.

By the 3rd quarter he was getting discouraged. And
by the 4th quarter end, he had enough and went
out and snowed blowed the driveway.  Was disappointed
when he came in and found out it went to overtime
and it didn’t get any better.

I like football.. I don’t LOVE football, but I enjoy watching.
I don’t have any really favorite. And when Super Bowl comes around I tend to go for the underdog.

So this year, I give the Super Bowl and A+ for close
Game, I give Lady Gaga an A for a fun entertainment.
And over all a A … it wasn’t the greatest game but had
some pretty good spots..

Don’t know if the King will be back next year for any games.

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