Monday, February 27, 2017

Electronic and the ding...

You all know that I get frustrated with
electonics.. computers and tablets in
particular .

I have been working with the tablet my sweet
daughter gave me a few weeks ago..
I try not to over tax my pea brain.. so going

So over the past weekend, I was baffled by
something in my household.. I kept telling
the King, I hear a bell..  of course he couldn’t
hear it..  althought he did admit to hearing it
once.  And of course it didn’t ring on a regular
basis…so could not track it down.. except knowing
it was with in the dining room, kitchen living room

It went on day after day.. So the King asked me..
just want does it sound like to you? A doorbell?
or what?    I thought about it and started to laugh..
I told him it sounded like another angel got his/her
wings bell.  (You know from the movie “It’s a
Wonderful Life”) .  Well, that weekend there was
at least 40 angels got their wings..

Then finally Sunday night I am standing next
two the counter between the dining room and
the kitchen.. TINKLE.. TINKLE… THERE IT
IS.. as I started to pick up each item.. and
as I was picking up my tablet.. which I thought
was OFF(no lights on ).. TINKLE TINKLE… AH HA.. it is the
tablet.. but how can that be, it is off.. Well, no,
it went into its sleep mode I guess and I thought it
was off.  Geesh…

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