Thursday, February 09, 2017

A Thorn in my side.....

February 9, 2017
A thorn in my side….

From time to time, we hear about different Senators
calling Social Security an entitlement.  This irritates
me to no end…  Same with Medicare now…

I get to collect Social Security and Medicare because I
had an agreement with my employers over the years,
that they would put in x amount of  money and I too would
put in x amount.   This agreement was decided, of course,
by the government, but reinforced by the company and
myself.  That agreement was on the condition I worked
my butt off and they would put in their share to the pot.
Especially the last job I had that lasted almost 18 years.

So I worked all those hours, I worked over time, and one
time I worked a 24 hour shift.. I did doubt backs.. I did
split shifts.. of 8’s.. giving me about 4 hours between each
shift for 2 weeks. Barely giving me time to take a nap
between. Working from 10am to 7pm, going home,
to turn around and arrive at work at 10pm.. to work
until 6am.. going home for 3 and half hours.. Doing
that for 2 straight weeks.  To cover a shift for some
one whose mother was dying, and they had no one
to cover for her. So I did her shift and mine.  I worked
even though sick.. because we were short staffed.
of this to help put money into my Social Security fund
and the Medicare fund..   

So to have some Senator who did hardly any work before he became a life time Senator…tell the nation, that this is an entitlement..gets in my craw and is a thorn in my side..
If they want to see entitlement.. let them look in their
own building.. NOW that is entitlement.. Where every
one caters to them,  lobbyist throw money at them
go have them vote for what ever they want. Having
trips to islands and etc. for their families.  To sit in
the office at Washington, D.C. and talk on the phone.
that is not manual work..and not really even mental
work. They have a private gym, that the public is
not even allowed to see the inside.  They get auto-
matic raises, and bennies, that only you and I can


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Anonymous said...

I think they need to change the term that they're using. An 'entitlement' should be something you're entitled to. If I pay into Medicare and Social Security all my working life, I should be entitled to have those benefits when I retire. I don't think anyone should be 'entitled' to live off of our welfare system when they are able to work but choose not to. What makes them 'entitled' to live off the backs of the working person? Just a pet peeve of mine these days with all the talk of 'entitlements.'

Mary Ann