Thursday, February 16, 2017

Not my job

 look in the top picture.near the pole.. is the flag..below is a close up

You know the run around.. You try to find
out how to get  something fixed and you get, that
is not my job, you need to contact…..etc… only to
be told by that person….. not my job.. talk to….etc.

That was the story of my life for the past few days.
across the street is the fire hydrant for our street.
It is at the edge of the company across the street
parking lot.  So when their snow guy comes.. he
piles it up around the hydrant.  3 years ago, they
put a flag on the end of a 4 foot metal stick.

Last year was a light year.. so it wasn’t bad. But
this year it is stack deck.  It is so high between
the snow mover and the street snow removers.
The parking lot guy has it up over 4 feet and the
street guys have it up to about 5 feet now.
To be fair.. the street guys have their piles about
2 feet from the hydrant. So they aren’t at fault.
but the parking lot guy, (it is on the very edge
of the parking lot).. so it is his area. But trying
to find someone who is accountable.

I made calls a couple of days ago… then sent
a picture to the city hall. As the street guys only
had a recorder.. and the parking guy, wasn’t there
and his workers said they would tell him.. Well,
3 days later.. no one.. 

The street guys came by yesterday to widen the street
snow, so talked to them..(there was the grader and the dump truck). He was very polite, but he said he can’t get any action from the fire dept. and wished me well.
The parking lot guy called yesterday afternoon.. and
said, yeah, he knows it is there.. (which did not make
me a happy camper) and I asked him then why put it
the snow there.. He went into the usual ….well, you know this is a bad year for snow removal… I told him, yes, I knew.
so does that mean my house gets to burn down because
it was a bad year?  He said he would be out to remove the
snow.  Well, woke up to …. Now not just the flag is snowing
but the stick is showing.. NO HYDRANT. That is he thoughs
on removing the snow.

Took some more pictures, sent it to the city hall.. Who by
the way is not responsible for this.. as it is not on city
property.  The street snow removal pr guy comes by and
apologizes and said .. it really isn’t their area.  I told him I
knew that.. but they did do the front berm.  But the one I
was complaining about, was the parking lot snow removal
guy. He said he would go talk to him, as he knows him.
And the fire dept? WELL.. WE ARE HAVING A BAD YEAR..
Etc. etc. and we have a water tank to fight fires until we can
get the hydrant cleared out.

In the meant time.. the 4 and 5 feet of snow is surrounding the hydrant, waiting for the spring weather to melt it.. but the metal stick and flag is showing..   and most of all.. all of them.. .. IT ISN’T MY JOB…
Oh, by the way.. if this said hydrant was in front of my house

They would expect me to shovel it clear each storm.. 

whining does work... the street guys and the company who owes the parking lot.. came together and here was the results early this am. 

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