Thursday, June 02, 2005

Cell Phones

Cell phones drive me nuts. Yes, I have one.
So does my husband.

We got our first one years ago.. 1992 or
1993. It was one of those, that look like
a book and the cord was attached to the
case that had the battery. I still have it
around here somewhere.

We had a medium size motorhome at
the time. And no car with it. So we figured
we should have a cell phone incase we broke
down in the middle of nowhere. Let me rephrase
that. My husband said we should have one
in case we broke down somewhere. We had
that for about 5 years. I was happy with that.
It stayed in the car or the motorhome. Then we
got a towbar and towed our little pickup but
he kept the cell phone incase both of them died.

See how easy it is to talk wives into something
when you use the safety card. Then all his friends
got the cordless, cell. Well, he looked and looked
and he found one he really liked. And of course,
Air Touch (before Verizon) wanted to up date
us with what ever he would like to have, and it
would be FREE... free for the phone, but 2 years
rope on us. Oops that is called a contract.

Then we made it for 3 more years, then he
said there were nicer ones and really honey, I
want you to have one because.... here goes the
safety card again....... I worry about you driving
to work at night. You should have one so you
don't have to leave the car. And of course, it
all made sense, so the hook was planted once
again, for 2 more years... because the phones
were updated for FREE...

We stuck it out for the 2 years but I am here to
tell you those two phone (we tried a different
brand) were pieces of crap. His was in the shop
6 times in the 2 years. Mine spent more time
on the charger than it did anywhere else. They
were so bad, that when we updated again this
past year, I threw them away instead of turning
them in for abused women. I didn't want any
poor soul have to depend on them. This time
we got a brand name. And you guess it... it has
a camera... men and their gadgets.

Oh, yea, I almost got sucker in on a phone
conversation. You know those ones where someone
near you is talking on the phone and you think
they are talking to you. I was at the store and
this women behind me, says... "Friday, shopping,
I hate shopping don't you." I almost said something,
but as I turned around to look her in the face,
I saw the tell tale cord to her ear. Whew... almost.
Don't you just hate that. I sure do. I am afraid
to talk to a stranger anymore.

I get into hot water with my cell phone. See I
forget it at home. Sometimes I remember to
bring it with me. But if I am in a restaurant or
any place like that, I turn mine off. And being I
am not real good at electronics' I can't retrieve
my messages. But I have learn to look under
recent calls. That is if I remember to see if anyone
called. I like it in the old days where people
didn't know where I was. But I have found one thing
they are good for. I stepped mine up for a couple
bucks more and now I can call anyone in the USA
for free on weekends. Now that is worth having it for.
But have to laugh when I get the bill, mine number
has anywhere from 10 to 15 calls on it. My husband?
130 to 150 calls. And they call women gabbers. Hah!

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amyrebba said...

LOL I think men give us those labels to pull attention away from them selves. My husband also talks more on the phone then I do. I run his business so my calls are usually business related, his are with his buddies.

Money now there is another one. My husband spends probably 10 times more money on tools and gadgets then I spend on household needs and clothing (which is usually much needed by the time I buy it) for the kids.

Amazing how men are isn't it?