Monday, June 27, 2005

Little project,BIG Headache

little project, big headache Posted by Hello

What started out as a small project,
has turn out to be something else.

First, I got to admit it was my fault.
Sweetie had been talking about how
we should replace some of the steps
on our front porch. Our front porch
was a semi-circle porch. He also
wanted to down size it to a straight
porch. I wasn't crazy about that. I
like the shape of the porch as you could
come off any area.

I had told Sweetie I like to have the
porch fixed before some one got
hurt as the side part of the stairs
were like see-saw when you stepped
on them. And as Sweetie can do, he
kept postponing it. So I took things
in my own hands.

Meaning I got a large hammer, and
pry bar and I went to work taking the
stairs off the side, and while I was there
I took off the boardwalk that I didn't
like anyway. It was a boardwalk that
went to the drive way. I learn this
in Housewife 101, you tear it apart
they have to fix it.

This wonderful thing caused us to see
that underneath the stair left, was
any homeowners horror. Board
rot!!. The deck was fine and strong
but the bottom of the stairs was
sitting in mud/dirt and rotted.

So we went to our Home Depot,
and bought, cement, boards for steps,
and back step, and stair sides,
prefab ones. Only problem about
that is they only had 5 stairs, and
ours use to be 3. No problem, just
cut the top two. Yea, right. Not so

So Sweetie had our Pastor come
over as he is also a carpenter.
Also a friend came over and
they help get the prefab cut.
Then he was on his way, He
cut and hammered and there
they were, stairs.

Now the rail. Rails look so
nice, and they are necessary
for cluttys friends and strangers
that come to your door. Cut down

This proved out to the almost
our down fall. Cutting the right
slant. The rail took two days,
Not because of the actual doing
but due to the thinking of the
right angle. And it also took
some bad cuts of some good
wood. Cutting and recutting.
But all ends well. As you can
see. These stairs are strong!
And he added a nice touch
with the lattice. Oh, yea,
we don't even want to talk
about the $$$ and how
many trips to the Home
Depot, lucky for us it is
only about a mile a

Now for the back deck.

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amyrebba said...

LOL Cis, I know what you mean. My hubby just got around to putting in the windows in the kids rooms, sink, stove and counter in the kitchen, and a bathroom sink which I have been with out for more then a year. That one was my fault. I baught tiles for the bathroom and was going to pull out the carpet that former owner had in there and put tiles down. Then I find out you have to remove the toilet and cabniet if I want to do it right. So he tears into the bathroom. When all was done that weekend I was left with out a bathroom sink. It stayed that way for the next year. So I kept nagging him to do it since my dad gave us one out of their remodel. Well when he got started it was great except he spent way too much money! Oh well at least I have a sink now.