Thursday, June 09, 2005

New Blogger and My frustration with making link list.

I apologize for the scrabble eggs of my links... on the side.
after trying 3 times for about 30 minutes at a time. I give up for now... it is either that or I smash the dang computer.
I have gone to the template and put almost 2 inches of space between each of these links...I have tried putting the name of the blog between them with the space. And what you see is what it came out with. So until my nerves calm down, and I get back from working in the garden to calm my what you see ... is what you will get.

They are good links... there is a new one there. One of my friends has started a blog. After being badgered for months, she gave into me, and has started one. She has a great subject. Grandparents raising grandchildren. Of which she is one of the ones I mention in my blog of last week. So go check it out. Start at the bottom and work your way up. And give her some slack as she is just starting out, as you can see it would take a few days to bring up something new. But now that she has started about her situation from the beginning she is talking off flying. She gives a real insight. It is called DOING IT AGAIN.


Sam said...

If you ever need help, Cis, I'll just do it for you. Just let me know!

Word Tosser said...

Can you figure out what I did wrong with the links part? I have tried putting 2 inches on the template area between them... didn't help.
I put their names first and then the addresses... as you can see it still didn't work.

Word Tosser said...

tried to copy it so you could see what it looked like...but it wouldn't let me send it.