Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Changes of scenes and Ideas

Today on my walking round, there is a change.
I had two senior citizens that would wave to
me every morning when I went by. You
would be surprised at how much that
makes your day.

They lived on the corner by the newly
built Home Depot. While this did not
please them, (they have lived there for
many years) it was doable. Then an
enterprising young man asked them if
they would be interesting in selling their
home, as he would like it for an office. So
this past weekend they moved in to Sandpoint.

I looked at the well taken care of lawn and
the buckets of flowers, and felt sad. I always
like this house, way back before Wal-mart,
K-mart and Home Depot come to surface.
It has big windows on the East side. Giving
almost a greenhouse effect. It is partly made
of brick. It was a nice combination. And I
am sure the young man who bought it will
think so. But I will miss the couple.

On the other side of things, I was walking
with my cd/radio combo and listening to
one of the morning shows, Daybreak or something
like that. They had an author who wrote a
book named, I think, Religion and the Soldier,
or something like that. One of many subjects
the author talked about was the ACLU is trying
to get the military to keep God at bay. Something
about a lawsuit at Virginia's Military Institute among
others. I sure hope he is wrong. Among the many
things we should be sending with our troops is
the love of God. How else can you go to war and I
realize this is a yeng and yang of live, but what
soldier isn't praying as he goes about his duties?
Even in the bible, God has his army.

And if this is true, then this is another one of
ACLU outrageous courts deals. You know I think
it is time that the majority got a lawyer, and
sued the ACLU for being offensive to our rights.
For infringing on our rights. The ACLU may have
been a good idea when it first started, I don't
remember when it started, but it sure has gone
way past where they should be. I wonder, has
anyone ever sued them, for infringing on our rights?
Make a heck of a Class act suit.


Sam said...

I guess, Cis, some people might look at the ACLU not as "infringing" on others rights, but making sure that people don't force their beliefs on others.

I believe the incident at the Virginia Military Institute was that the Christian population there had been harrassing the Jewish students and making derogatory comments.

It was there or at some other military college/university. The military did an investigation and THEY banned the commander of the school from making any announcements without getting approval, first, because he was also making forceful and derogatory comments.

I think we should remember that this country is supposed to be about acceptance, yet rarely are people ever accepted (Even those crazy puritans who left England because they were even too conservative for the English and wanted "religous freedom" here in America judged people for their believes. What a great place!)

amyrebba said...

Cis, it's another sad day when we try to take God out of it all. Even though I do not believe in religions I do believe in God and I just think it's sad.

Sam, it's also not right though to push our beliefs and ideas on others, so I do see your point as well. It's the very reason I do not believe in religion. To me there is a difference between spirituality/faith and religion.

Word Tosser said...

Thanks, Sam for the other side. Because the author, from what I got, was talking about how the Chaplins weren't suppose to talk about God unless it was in private with the soldier. So thanks for a clarification.
But I still think that ACLU, goes over board on the other side. There should be a happy medium.
And I am from R.I. which was founded by Roger Williams as he couldn't take the Purtians views anymore. R.I. is base on multi-religions. The first synagogue in the US is in Newport, R.I. So it would be nice if we all tolerate each other and their religions.

I agree. For over 30 years, I didn't go to church because so many of them were ..well, they were concern about each other instead of the bible. I drove my kids nuts with my, I am with God in my yard with trees, sky and grass, as much as they were in their churches. But I have found a small church that I like the people and the minister. And of course the main thing is that you believe..
Thanks for your comments

Sam said...

I too am not too "Christian" in a sense, only because of what I see from the churches, especially The Church in Rome.

But I definitely do believe in God. I figure if 90 percent (or whatever that very large figure is) of the world's population believes in a form of high power, somewhere in there whether it be God, Buddha, Allah (which is God anyway), etc. maybe they've got something in that there is simply *something* that is there.

I also do think the ACLU can go overboard some times, but without them our nation would definitely be worse off.