Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Seatbelts...and do Husbands Listen?

Seatbelts....and do Husbands listen to public
announcement commercials?

First let me say, I hate seatbelts. For the
longest time it was hard because I felt trapped.
But I got use to using the lap strap ones.
Then they came out with the harness one
called shoulder strap. I am short. I can't help
this, it is an ancestor thing. It is in the genes.
So the shoulder strap goes across my neck,
like a slow slicing dull knife. I have fought
this for years. I thought I had solved the
problem by putting the shoulder strap under
my arm. Did this for quite a few years.

Until to my horror, I read Dave Olivera's
Huckleberry column and saw that someone's
daughter, I believe it was, was ticketed for
just such a thing. She was ticketed as if she
had no seat belt on. Which I don't know how
the officer came up with that, being she had
it on. Is there a part of that law, that says you
can be ticketed for improper use of a seatbelt?

About that time I saw in Harriet Carter
catalog, a seat belt clip. It clips on your
seatbelt and pulls the shoulder part over
just enough to keep it from slicing your neck.
I order 6! Why 6? Because I am a passenger
as well as a driver. So two of my Bronco, one
for his truck (I don't drive that) and one for
my daughter and one for just in case. Gave
one to a friend also. While it isn't the easiest
to keep in place, it does work.

Now, let's skip to the commercial. Have you
see the public announcement commercial for
Click it or Ticket, with the young man in the
convertible? You know he is driving along
happy as can be, when up pops his mother in
the back seat, observing he isn't wearing his
seat belt, and says "Well, you might just as
well run with scissors" which another woman
pops up and says, "Have you ever seen what a
windshield does to your head?" Which brings
another pop up of Death taking his long fingernail
across his own throat, which bring a police officer
along side, writing out a ticket for $110. The
which pops up a judge along side of him,
slamming down the gravel, saying "GUILTY!"
Which brings another man next to the judge
JUST WENT UP"....all of this in a matter of a minute.

Now you would think the average man would
catch on to that. And my guy, is the average
guy, has seen this, I know for a fact as I was
sitting in my chair next to him. But then again
he does fall asleep easy. lol... He has the theory
of you don't have to use your seatbelt unless
you leave town. And has made the remark a
couple of times as I am buckling up as we are
leaving the driveway. So what is the point of all this?

Guess who went to Wally World (wal-mart to rest of you)
on Memorial Day and came back with a ticket for .........
you guessed it... not wearing a seat belt.

Which by the way, thank the lucky stars as Idaho is cheaper than Washington State. So far

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maureen said...

I'm always harping on everyone to buckle up, I'm almost anal about it. I think it comes from when we didn't have seatbelts in the 60's and 70's and I remember some frightening rides home from your house and Sharons. Oh my God, 2 adults and 3 little kids in the front seat of a pickup. How stupid and brainwashed I was putting those little kids in harms way. Wish I had grown a brain before then. No carseats, no nothing. God was watching out for us.