Wednesday, August 17, 2016

THE STAFF.... sadly lets go...of one of our sweethearts...

This is ROKON.... 
our sweetheart...
witchy cat....
independent as hell
the best fly thru the air bird catcher
May you rest in peace
tell our other pets hello from us. 
no more pain, run free

Her partner in crime.. Misty

She was a huge cat... but so beautifully marked

spot on the eye is from her battle with her toy,
that she would flip from time to time

One of her favorite places to lay
where she could listen to the birds outside

She loved my computer and especially  
the copy machine.. and has been known
to pull the paper out before it was done. 
making her own holes in it. 

She knew the table was off limits
but I suspect when we were not home
she would travel across... 
one time she didn't know we were, 
and I walked in to the face of a shocked cat. 

In the beginning.. she and Misty would play together.
tug of war with toys and etc.. and some
times they would chase each other.. Misty would be 
hot on the trail of  Rokon, and in the bedroom
they would go.. only to have Misty fly out of
the bedroom with Rokon in hot pursuit 

She would find the darnest places to hide. 

Winter day.. lazy day for the pals

Rest in Peace my sweet cat... may your time be full 
of flying birds to scout out..

Fall of 2004 to August 16, 2016

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Marianne Love said...

Sorry about your beloved kitty, Cis. Looks like she left lots of good memories. Beautiful lady.