Monday, August 15, 2016

Why can't a word stand on a common meaning?

So sick of people getting upset over a common word... I am glad I lived my first 66 years (now 76 and the last 10 have been the pits with pc) when people didn't pick apart every single stinking word. To answer the question.... the least offensive female name would be LADY... Lady is and was a person of refinement. I consider myself a WOMAN... I have even referred to myself as an OLD BROAD... and if some said that to me.. in the right frame .. I would not be offended.. like most, it is how it is said. Never was fond of honey, sweetie.... usually by an older woman when I was young.. offended, no, just not fond of it. Even been called BABE, wasn’t fond of it…but wasn't offended... now the B word with itch on it... now that might raise my dander a bit, but again it depends on who and why.... WOMEN...LADIES... offended by it????  Get over yourselves..

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