Thursday, August 11, 2016


Over the years, I pretty much can take or leave the Olympic games. Be they winter or summer… looking in occasionally, but not a big fan of them.

This year for some reason, I am hooked on the swimming and the gymnastic teams.  So been staying up pass my bed time.
I didn’t make it the first night … I saw the program.. and saw Phelps walk in with the flag.. but shortly later.. about 4 flags later, it was lights out for me.. and waking to it being over.. so didn’t get to see the torch lit.  Which I always like to see that…

For such a small poor country, they did themselves proud.. more is not necessarily better and they proved that.   Even with the surprise of their take on the first flying machine.. before Wright Bros.  All done very well.

My neighbor and I were talking about how hard it is on the countries to host these. The money that is involved.  And we came up with a great idea..  He thought they should return it back to Greece.  And I came up with Greece doing the main building.. with each country taking up the price and building of the extra buildings.  Or they can share… like Italy and Greece building the coliseum,  England and
The United States build the next big building.. 3 or 4 smaller countries build the next size and etc…   By the way does it snow in Greece?
Anyway, it would be a permanent and no more great expense for each country that has hosted it in the future. And look what it would do for Greece.

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