Monday, August 08, 2016

"How are you giving yourself away this week?"

This was a subject that our Pastor has been working on for the month
of July…  Most of it we didn’t get until we got home from Portland.
We were gone for 2 weeks..   Which made me smile, as the reason
we could not answer him was, because we actually were giving
ourselves away.  We were down there because the King’s best friend,
who went in for open heart surgery, had taken a turn for the
worse.   We arrived and then our friend Gord’s sisters arrive
One from Nebraska and the other from California.  Girls, laugh out loud, one is a very spunky 91 and the other is in her 60’s. We were
in the … let us be your support system. We ran errands, trips to the hospital, clean house, meals ready when they walked in the door, so they could go back again. For two weeks we were all Team Gordon. Finally things turn for the better.  Each of us leaving, with promise of return when he got to the rehab place later. Each leaving, feeling more at ease, to our own lives… With the help of the neighbor, taking
care of the cat and mail… after helping us.. as none of us were
local.  Team Gord, worked well, like a well oiled machine.

Before all this, my life was helping out my grandchildren, as
They were expecting their first child. So while dad was working
I ran mom to the dr’s of many types.. some times 3 times a week.
Baby was born 3 days before we left.
I don’t tell you this to brag, but to bring up the other side of ..”are you giving yourself away”…  Over the years I have done this type of stuff with great ease. Way back when I was in my 20’s…taking friends who didn’t know how to drive, where ever she had to go. Dr. you know the whole gamut. Be it a drive some
where, a shoulder to cry on, food during hard times.. all with ease.

What I have trouble with is…asking for help for myself… even some times when it is offered… I was great of saying … oh, that is ok, I will be fine. I will get it done..  no problem..  And figured out how to do it myself.   I am still bad at it… I have gotten a little better at accepting,
when offered.  But to ask someone…I don’t know why.. don’t want to bother anyone… maybe they have something else to do.. what ever…but just can’t.    Same thing with just say you welcome, when someone thanks me for something.  I’m always telling them it is no big deal.. you would do it for me and etc..  But in the past two years… I have finally changed it to.. you welcome, glad I could help. .  Anyone
else have this problem?

But have to say, I do find it rewarding to help.

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