Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Who is that man, again?

The Maytag  service man gets the credit for being the loneliest man job.  But I think that title just might go to the Vice President of the United States of America.

Don’t think so? Other than the present VP, how many can you name? Now try to name all of them from your life time.. Start with President Franklin Roosevelt’s VP.. No no, not Truman. Truman was his second VP.

So we ask, who is Pense or even Kaine. I am sure the media will fill us in as the coming months go by….. but so far there isn’t much. Guess they can’t find any dirt yet, so it is low key. So far, all we know is one is from Virginia and the other is from Indiana. They have served in the offices of  Govenor, and congress. But had you heard of them before each convention?   Not me either… Although I got to ask, why not.. where was their hat that should have been in the ring back a year ago.  Sure would beat the choices we have now.

While we are at it… Other than Joe Biden standing near Obama, smiling..what has he done?  Have you heard of any great thing he has done for the country in these past 8 years?  I know in his exiting year now, he is behind a bill to fight cancer, but other than that.. other than standing besides Obama, or sitting high in the chair next to the Speaker of the House… I got nothing.

So being VP, has to be boring… at best.  Neither one of the candidates are going to give anything to either of these VP to do. Or maybe send them overseas, like Kennedy use to do to get rid of Johnson.

Now instead of knowing who is going to be their VP, I rather have the Presidential candidates tell me who they are going to chose for each of the cabinet seats… Those are the ones who silently make and break you and I.  We just don’t know it.   Tell me Ms. Clinton, and Mr. Trump, who do you have in mind… Will Trump line up his children in his? They seem to be the only one he seems to trust. 

Oh, while I am at it… Ted Cruz……. While we were away, we watched Cruz’s speech… You had to ask the Republican Party what was it thinking… did they really think he was going to get down on bended knee?  After his parting words when he lost to Trump?  Really?

But I have to give him high marks for taking the high road of truth and principal. The truth according to how Cruz felt. He did not falter.. I can’t stand the man, personally… looked like Granpa on Munsters… shifty.. but got to give it to him for being honest with his feelings and not folding like others did.  He walked out with his head held high, with his principals still intact. 

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