Thursday, January 15, 2009

Money, Money, gimme more money

Everyone wants it. Please give money.
I am not talking about your bills you have
from week to week. It is the school levies.

We just got hit by the school districts
money levy last year. That was for buildings,
buses, and etc. When I got the tax bill, I had
to sit down. It was $117 raise just for the
school alone.

Which always gets me as the school district is
listed 3 times. I guess one for running it, one for
the buildings, and then the real gut catcher... school OTHER.

What the hell is OTHER listed under the school
district? My share is a mere $3.50 or something
like that. When you times $3.50 per tax payer,
well that adds up. What is that used for? Why is
it called OTHER. Don't they know where it is

Now we are up for another school levy. This one for
running the schools. And we have already gotten the
guilt trip letters to the editors about how those of us
who are saying no, should be ashamed of ourselves.
Don't we care about the kids, and the teachers do
a great job, and we don't want to lose them.

But to me it is about the numbers. This is to replace
a levy that is running out in June. So the numbers I
want to hear is... how much more are they asking for,
above what we are replacing? And why in this economy,
are they asking for more. (they never ask for the same or

I just got finish making arrangements to pay $10 more on
my mortgage for 6 months to make up for the shortage
of that last levy. On top of the $10 added to my payment,
a month more than I have to pay for my share of the last
year levy. See they take it out of my escrow in Dec for
the new levy. but I didn't find out how much of a raise
until mid-August. So I was already 3 months behind in
the added escrow, have to pay. Meaning for 6 months,
I have to pay $20 more a month, to catch up. Just in
time for the new levy.

And don't give me the guilt part. Yes, I want the kids to
have a good education, yes, I want the teachers to stay.
But the bottom line is... for me... If they want $10 more,
and I only have $5 in my pocket... I got to say no. If I don't
have it.. I don't have it.

Don't give me the garbage if I drink one less coffee/latte,
it will pay for itself.. That is insulting. First of all, I haven't
had a latte for months. And my daughter bought that one.

And tell that garbage to the ones who just lost their 401,
or any other retirement they had. Get another job? Who is
going to hire a 69 year old woman? Or a 77 or 82 or 91 year

Get a circuit breaker for your taxes?? Have you ever
seen one of those? 12 pages long, and you need a CPA
and a lawyer to fill it out. I have seen in my job as a home
health worker in the past, the elderly just throw it across the
table, because it was so hard for them to understand.

Tell it to the young couple who just lost their job. Tell it
to the contractor who lost his sub contract work because
the main contractor folded and didn't finish pay him.

Don't pull that guilt crap on us. This time it won't work.
I am hanging on to my $5. And voting no.

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PinkAcorn said...

I have to agree...enough is enough. Would the administrator or superindendent of the school district forgo a raise? Hell no. Do we even know if the population of students has declined in the last five years..well, I don't. With the economy up here I bet it has. I could rant for hours on this ...

I can only hope there is social security when I retire because my 401K sucks! If I lost my job I'd have to pull all my money out and pay off everyting then eat beans and rice for the rest of my life.

Yeah, I'd like to know what "other " is also.