Thursday, January 08, 2009

micro wave ovens

Sometimes, microwaves are dangerous to your

Couple years ago, when we got Misty, I got
a stuffed black cat and put it in the microwave.
The point was, her sister who went to someone
else was black. We figured if we put a warm
black soft object in her bed with her, she would

I put the black cat in the microwave oven, and
turn away to get a drink of water while it warmed
up. All a sudden I heard crackling, and looked at
the microwave, and saw the cat on fire. I open the
oven, and threw the cat into the sink and sprayed
it with water. Seems the cat's tail had a wire in it.
Cut off tail, snipped burnt parts off and put in the
dryer, which I should have done in the first place.

Then Monday, I was thinking of how to get the
peanut butter out of the jar, as there was only a
little bit left. I had a small piece of fudge left from
the holidays. So of course as a good Reese piece
person, I thought I would throw the fudge in the jar,
and melt the two together. Best laid plans of mice
and men... After 60 seconds in the microwave oven,
well, you see the results... below...
it still tasted good.


Dogwalkmusings said...

Ooooo. I wonder what kind of nasty chemicals are emitted from a melted plastic peanut butter jar! Lol!

Kendra said...

Wow! I had to follow the link, after the teaser DFO left over at Huckleberries.
There was just no way I could see you putting a cat in the micro. Now a STUFFED cat is something else entirely!
Too bad about the homemade Reese's fiasco- that sounds yummy in theory.