Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I am inviting you to join me at.......
Face space,
Reunion space,
Family space.

These are all nice things, but I am not
a joiner. Never been good at clubs and such.,

Goes back to the Brownie bit. Remember,
I used my Brownie dues for the Penny Store.
I shared my bubble gum with the girls, but
that didn't count. And I got kicked out of Brownies.

Which was a bummer as it was just getting
interesting. We were just learning how to put
a screen over a paper and a leaf. Then take a
toothbrush ...dab it in the ink and brush the
ink back and forth over the paper. Which gave
a neat outline of the leaf on the paper. I never
got to keep mine, as I got kicked out before
they were dry.

So I am not good at joining anything. I tried
a couple times, and it didn't work out.
Even when I started out with the computer,
I joined ICQ (remember that one) and there was
something about being a Buddy and a few others.
I had so many passwords, that I had to write them
down in a book.

So while I appreciate the thought of you asking me
to join you at one site or another... I can only handle
one. My computer must sense this, as every time I
have tried to do Yahoo, it goes thru the motions and
then notifies me it didn't work out and went into error.

I am just not a joiner


Dogwalkmusings said...

you got kicked out of Brownies???? Lol!

PinkAcorn said...

I'm with you on this subject!

MarmiteToasty said...

Giggling here this cold frosty morning...... lol for various reasons cos I have experienced a cat in the tumble drier.... dam, now I might have to at a later date Twaddle about it, fanks for jogging me memory lol

Your peanut butter comes in plastic jars? well I never LOL...