Friday, January 02, 2009

Surviving Northern Idaho Winters 101

I would say this is for those who moved here in the
past year or so, but I think you might be getting the
idea of it...but maybe you can use the list for the
next year. It is too late for this year, as most is
out of stock. But you can try.

For those of you out there, thinking of moving
to the great wonderful winter land called North
Idaho, yet only visited during the Spring, Summer,
and Fall or early winter... this is for you.

Upon moving here, there is a few things you will
need to make it thru the winter. So make a copy
of this list. All of these supplies must be bought
as soon as you move into your house or apt. It
does not make any difference if you are renting
or buying.

In your garage, you need the whole wall to have
hangers of different sizes. So go to Home Depot
or the one of your choice, but who has a good supply of
hangers. Those can be large nails, or the big red
hooks, or even the little metal do hickeys that will
hold a handle of a tool. Also get a clip board that
will hold hand tools for you.

Now, what are you going to hang there? Many
things and sizes.
If you get here in the Spring and we still have
snowblowers in the store, buy one now. Because
after October the price goes up. And after November
there may not be any in the stores at all.

Also look for snow rakes. For those from the south.
That is a 20 foot long aluminum handle with a 2 foot
by 6 inch flat sheet of aluminum with braces at the
end of this handle. Google snow rake on internet.

Next is shovels. You will need several of these. Not
just your everyday shovel, but a snow shovel. They come
in several sizes and shapes. Go for a couple light ones.
And one really good metal one. You will need at least
6 of these. They break, sometimes from the heavy snow.
Sometimes because you threw the shovel off of the roof,
and it hit the car and broke.

Also make sure you have good insurance for your
vehicles. Especially for all winter problems. Because
the guy who slides into you, with his 1970 truck probably
doesn't have insurance. Also for flying objects. (see shovel
breakage above).

Next you need a very high ladder. One that makes it to the
roof of your house with room to spare. As you will either
be climbing up on the roof or you will hire someone to do it.
Usually the neighborhood kid, as he is cheaper. Also make
sure you have good homeowners insurance for such worker.
See if you can add yourself to that insurance plan.

If you are buying a house or renting one, chose one that has
large garage doors. Make sure it is wide enough for your car to come
and go, and still park your snowblower next to the car. Without
it getting hit when your wife parks the car inside. You need this
space, so you can go to the garage, open the door (make sure
it is well greased so it doesn't freeze up) and start your snow
blower and head out into your driveway.

So there you go, hangers on the whole wall.
snow blower
snow rake
minimum of 6 shovels of different sizes and weight.
(metal shovels get heavy after the first hour)
several sizes of wrenches and other tools
(for repair of snow blower and repair of snow rake,
if you are not mechanically inclined, put a mechanic
of small tools on retainer so he will be available for you
at all hours or days)
Insurance paid up for the winter...
(homeowners, vehicle, and lawyers)
Lawyers for the time you threaten the plow driver.
And maybe a case of beer or whiskey.
They won't keep you warm, but it may keep you
calmer as you repeat the use of the tools on this list.

Also the best time to gather this list is in the Spring.
As I said it is cheaper at this time. As these are still
left from the over order in February from your local
hardware store, that arrived in April.

If you don't have the luck to be coming in the Spring,
try to gather as much as you can from yard and moving
sales. Moving sales are the best source, as they were
here the year before and just want to get out of here. They
will sell fast.

Worse of it is, if you move here in the Fall, you will
need to be at the store as soon as the fall supplies
start coming in ...usually in August. Ask your local
store dealer when the supplies will be coming in.
Show him your list. He will laugh, but will tell you
to be there as they sell out fast. Especially in November.

Cost for list about $3,000 and up...
Cost for someone to do all this for you, $5,000 and up
depending on how long the winter goes on.

And if you are thinking of leaving in October and returning
at the end of April, the cost is still $5,000 and up to have
someone else do it. Or you will come back in April to a
house that has the roof caved in, the garage door smashed
in from the snow, and water all over from the pipes that froze.

Oh, yea, add plumber in there too, forgot about the frozen
pipe ordeal

Also you need 4 mailboxes to store up, for when the plow
knocks it off the post and smashes it in the snowl

you will love our winter wonder land. (you will wonder
when will it all stop)


Dogwalkmusings said...

Well, that should deter the dreaded Californians! Lol!

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

This is way too funny and so true.

You forgot all the winter clothing, hats, coats, boots, (at least 3 pair) gloves, but better yet mittens (5 pair, they get wet easily) nylon pants with elastic bottoms, eletric socks, long johns (you only need one pair, put it on in Nov, take it off in April)

In the summer,practice jumping off the roof onto a trampoline to get in shape. Also practice shoveling dirt.


Cari D. Cruse said...

Thanks for the laughs! So funny because it is so true!

Word Tosser said...

Great idea's Toni... I forgot about getting in condition for the winter... great point..

Anonymous said...

Ugh moving to sandpoint soon. Im too old to shovel anything. Maybe ill practice by digging my grave in the spring.