Friday, January 23, 2009

Fire in the belly

In order to become a politician or a actor, or even a singer,
you have to have fire in the belly strength. You have to want
it more than anything in the world.

You have to have thick skin, so no matter what you say,or
do, when you have the naysayers targeting you, you have to
let it roll off your back.

If you want to become a good one, you have to have great morals.
Be honest, NEVER ever let your guard down to temptations. Of
any kind. The love of power, money or other such sins of life.
There aren't many who passed the test. Because power and money or both,
are usually more than the mere mortal can stand.

If you can stand up to criticisms, accusations, don't care what
anyone else says about you personally, that you are there to do
the job you came to do.. have the fire in the belly attitude.. then
maybe you can make it.

Because as in stardom, there are far more people to knock you
down then there are there cheering you on...

I guess for what ever reason, Carolina Kennedy didn't have it.
I don't blame her. She is far more like her mother than her father.

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Dogwalkmusings said...

Being the super private person she has been I'm surprised she came forward in the first place. What she's enduring now, the making fun of her grammar, spreading gossip about rifts in her marriage, unpaid taxes, etc., is why good people stay away from politics.