Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A View from the Mind

Pictures in my mind are not on paper.
You know when you are talking to someone
and it brings back a memory. And then
your mind goes to that time, with your
eyes open or closed you can picture
what you saw then.

Do you know what a "Thank You Ma'am is?
As the words roll off my mind, I picture the
Y.M.C. A. in Newport, Rhode Island. It was
used for the Navy. And coming from one side
street toward the other, crossing the main street
of Broadway, pass the Y.M.C.A and down around
the corner. And the words were said was ..
"Thank you, Ma'am."
Do you know why?

When President Eisenhower's name is mention,
my mind goes to a day in the 1957 when he came
to the War College and Newport, R.I. Naval Base.
We had protested our supervisor when he said we
could not take our lunch time, when the President
arrived. Before the time of protesting was common,
we all in unison walked out and stood on the side
of the road that was thru the Naval Base we work on,
and waited. The first view, was the big black car, with
small USA flags flying on each corner of the front of the
car. My mind still sees the grille with the flags flying.

Miami Beach brings the look of standing on white sand.
Ours in R.I. was grey. And looking out to see blue water.
Ours was, well, it wasn't blue like this. It was more green/brown.
And then standing in the water up to my waist and looking
down and seeing my white feet. It was winter. I had left
R.I. to go take care of my grandfather. I left -08 and arrived
in 65 degrees. Which they called cold.

It is a wonderful thing, the brain, that can bring a view to your
mind, with a mere mention of a time. Or bring smells to your
nose, of a particular day.


MarmiteToasty said...

I LOVED Newport RI..... wish I was there now lol

sorry I aint been around or done emails but Im up to me ears in paperwork, Im redoing all me hundreds of policys and contracts as I have me Offie Inspection in less then a fortnight, part of me wants to fail cos it would force me to look in different directions but if I fail I do under to LOL....

I need to get the next week or so under me belt and also get this new baby WHICH I DONT WANT into some sorta routine.....

God Ive hated going back to my job LOL

love ya oxox

Dogwalkmusings said...

A "thank you ma'am", when I grew up, was a dip in the road that left my stomach at one level while the car sank to another than came back up. They usually came in a series. What's your definition?

Word Tosser said...

Yes, Dogwalking Musing, you are correct.
The story I got was that is what the driver for the rich said, when he hit the dip, and would hit his head on the top of the cab of the vehicle..be it horse drawn or gas. As the dip were in Newport, R.I. that long. And as far as I know, there are still there.
Was said the dips were there so there would be no racing thru the intersections.