Monday, April 17, 2017

The Bulls are running the world..

If you were a farm kid.. then you are aware of the
young bulls out in the field and their antics.

And now, here we have 3 old bulls, and one
young one acting as such as well.
We have Trump, Vladimir Putin, Bashar al-Assad
and the young one.. Kim Jong-un. Each with their
own one upmanship going.

All very unpredictable and even considered
unstable…each one trying to outdo the other.
As the world watches. Scary times indeed, as
these 4 strut around with their chest up and
out front..

I would say, it is too bad we can’t throw the 4 of them,
In to a room and let them battle it out themselves.
with their bloated egos.
But I am afraid we would all be speaking Russian,
as he is the only one who is physically fit.  
None of them are mentally fit.

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