Thursday, April 20, 2017

Throw back Thurs. April 20, 2005

APRIL 20, 2005

Yes man or Honesty..ask

When a friend is talking to you about a problem
they are having, and acts like they want your
input. You got to you want a yes man or

Because if you do an input and it isn't what they
wanted to hear, it can get sticky.
I always want honesty so I take for granted that
my friend does too. And that isn't always the case.
Some times they want just a sounding board.
And the sounding board they want, is the one that
agrees with them. Hence, yes man.

Guess it goes to the fact that I have been not
really good with tact. I don't mean to be tactless.
I think it goes with my logic thinking.
Everything is logically. So if asked, I think
logically they want the honesty.

So I asked my friend this morning as we were
walking, and she was getting quiet after telling
me a problem she had and how she handled it,
and gave me the idea that she wanted input.
I looked at her and said, I'm sorry. Did you want
honesty or a yes man. Yes man, she asked? I said
yes man is the one who agrees. Well, I guess I
was expecting the yes, man, she replied. But I
guess what I want is honesty. But I don't want
to talk about this anymore.

So tread lightly when
you are listening. Try to listen to what the talker
wants. If you don't know... Ask.

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