Tuesday, April 04, 2017

April brings.....not showers for May flowers...but ....

I don’t know what happens 9 months before April,
that there is so much celebration that
so many have birthdays this month..

April 1st ..my gal pal..
April 2nd …the King’s guy pal
April 3r… a dear friend and a grandson
April 4th.. today… see below…
April 5th… mine
April 8th…. A niece
April 13th … two friends
April 14th. Niece and 2 cousins (they are twins)
April 16th  sister-in-law
April 20th  an old friend
April 22nd  my daughter and another gal pal
April 25th.. was my uncle’s (he has passed)
April 26th.. my grandmother’s .

Seems like I am missing a couple..But that is
Close enough… and what month is that anyway?
Oh, it is the previous July… hummmmm..

And who is today, mention above??.. it is
The KING HIMSELF.. he turns 65 today..
Welcome to Medicare, my dear sweet man.


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Marianne Love said...

Happy Birthday to Kenny. Tell him welcome to the BIG M. Thanks for the note about Gonzaga. Tough loss, but we're so proud of what they accomplished this year and of the positive culture associated with their program. Winners every day.