Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Reading older books...

In my quest of trying to read all the books I bought
In the 1980’s and 1990’s, I came across this one on
my bookcase.  These are all books I bought with the
Idea I would read them someday when I retire.  Well,
14 years into retirement, I am getting a start on them
with every rainy day, this year.. It is my bucket list
to pass on these gems after I am done reading them. Let some one
else enjoy them.. instead of catch dust
on the shelves.

This one I don’t recall buying. I did buy it at a yard sale,
as it is signed by the author to Karin.  But I am sure the
interest I felt in it… to buy it.. was because it was a writer
from Idaho.. I like local writers.

Being I was also doing my Monday chores, it was spotty
reading until the afternoon.  I, also, was trying to catch
up on my magazines reading as well. They are about a
half hour read at the most. Time and The Week. So read
them first, after a glance at  Shirttail Journalist, as I
wanted to not get interrupted with that one.

The first chapter and they are all short.. was called IDAHO,
and his description of the state.  First off, you have to
understand this book was written in late 1970’s and finished
1981.  So we are talking back 30 some odd years ago.
Of course, Idaho has changed a great deal from then..he
talks of the Idaho a lot of us remember… yet with all the
changes.. he hit is right one the dot, for today.. So much
of it is still true.. just you have to look harder to find it.

I am really going to enjoy reading this book. 1. it has
short chapters, (due to being from his column), so if
I have to put it down, I won’t have to be mid story. 2.
the subject matter, and with humor.  Humor is my
favorite book of choice these days.. And I like about
real places..  At least 90 % of the time.

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