Monday, April 10, 2017

3 days before...we become one..

What does Christmas, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day
and watching the grand champion sport event
team fan?

75% of the population becomes ones… Before
Christmas, most are in a great mood, and in the
spirit of it all…  Rest of the year.. not so much.

Same for Easter… 3 days before, starts everyone
getting in to the spirit of hiding eggs, Easter bunnies
and chicks…  (which I don’t know what bunnies and
chicks have to do with the rising of our Lord.

And of course as St. Pat’s day gets closer, almost
everyone is Irish. Wearing green.

And as Super Bowl, World Series, and March
Madness, come up … 3 days before most are
great fans of one of the teams, even though
they hardly saw any of the previous games… 

And I have to admit, I am among them..Although
I am more apt to wear orange on St. Pat’s Day, as

I am ½ English. 

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