Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Do you know what this is?

We acquired this 23 years ago… we decided
we needed one, after we broke down with our,   
motor home.  Luckily we were traveling with a
friend who took the King to the nearest parts
house, and back.. The King fixed the fan belt
and we were on our way… 

But we learn that we were in need of two things.
One, to tow a small vehicle (got a Ford Ranger)
and one of these..

Yesterday, when we went into the store to
ask about a change on our plan (we had 450
minutes and got it changed to unlimited)
(are you guessing what it is? That was a clue).
We were talking to the young man, and I showed
him this.. told him it was older than he was. And
it was.  After we got our business done.. he thanked
us for bring it in.. as he had heard about them,
and couldn’t imagine it.  And was surprised to
hear it was a very strong one.. in fact we could
outreach further than we could with the newer
version we have now…

Do you know what it is?
Here is a picture of it open.

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