Friday, December 23, 2005

To the Guy Who Reads my Blog Daily

Thanks for the good times…
the Memories…
Biking to the penny candy store
at the end of Beacon Street.

Helping out with the seine fishing
net with the folks, and us catching the
blow porcupine fish that we played
with. That blew up when scared and
deflated when it wasn’t.

The trips on the Mary Jo, picnics in
Fort Adams cove… and Jamestown cove.
The trips to Prudence Island. The
Bluegrass Festival while we ate on the
Mary Jo. The many boat races we saw.
How we laugh now about how you got a
rope around your waist and I didn't when
the folks taught us how to swim, by throwing
us off the boat. We figured they were
saving the family name. lol

The huge Navy ships that we rode by.
And the day that our little boat motor
got caught on their side net as we pulled
away. After Dad telling them what kind of
fish we were catching and with what. .
The Mayflower replica that we got to board.

The many years of haying. The rides home
on the loose hay, on top of the truck. It is a
wonder we didn’t slide off and get killed.
The runs across the barn roof and jumping
on the haystacks. Drinking out of the water
pumps the farmers had.

The stories we told on Friday nights, when
the folks went out for the night. Some of
them funny, some of them scary…

For the times you came and got me, to
calm down your acquaintances that got
rowdy, or were bullies.

The years of dishes on Thanksgiving with
the folk’s friends over for dinner.
The years of trying to out guess
each other on what Santa brought

The times we, as a family, killed the chickens,
You running the headless chickens down and
me plucking feathers..

The rides we endured to horses show all over
the states. What did we do, while she showed
the horses? The times we walked Smokey all
night long when he had green grass colic.

Lobster, quahogs and cleaning a gunny sack of
scallops and buckets of oysters with
our families together. Making of the Stuffy’s
That we made in an assembly line, with our
families combined….

The trouble we got into and we drove our
parents to distraction. The times you
squealed on me, and I on you. The times
we cried about before, but laugh about now.

Happy 61st Birthday, dear brother….


God's Helper said...

Thank you for the memories... Like trees as big as a room..

Patches & Mittens said...

Memories are the bestest.
Merry Christmas from our house and our mom and Mittens and Mistrie to yours!

jb3ll3 said...

Beautiful beyond words. Made me really happy to read.