Friday, December 16, 2005

I am not Politically Correct Anymore

You know I am really trying to
get along here. But I am really
getting fed up and becoming a
grouch. I have tried to be so
political correct and go with the
changing times. You know the
woman, man, person thing.

The not bragging about my
country so much, so I don't
offend people. But lately this
is getting really hard. The idiot
who couldn't get the law changed
about Under God thing, is now
trying to get rid of In God We
off of our money. He must
have been reading the emails, as
there was one going around that,
said if they don't like the word God
then maybe they would turn all
their money over to the email sender.

From what I have heard, and I am
not the most educated person. But
I have read there is no where, no
law saying we are to keep state
and church separate. In fact I read
that the only place that has that
is Russia.. So why if that is a
fact, do we have people scream
it at the top of their lungs?
Isn't there any one with Common
Sense to stop all this? Is the
ACLU bending things to suit
themselves, and no one is
actually dealing with truth?

Our forefathers, put in a good
system. Why are we all a sudden
changing everything? All the buildings
in Washington DC have a bible
reference some where in the building,
etched in stone or wood. This is what
this country is founded on.

In the 1970's there was the saying,
Love it or Leave it.
My thought is, if all of our forefathers
system is so offensive to those who
complain... shouldn't they be finding
a country that they do like. We have
like this country just the way the
forefathers set it up. With God in
mind. I don't recall a state and
church thing. The closest I
remember is that our country was
basis on freedom of speech AND religion.

That we welcome all religions, and
that we were to be tolerant of each
others religion, not forbid it to be
seen anywhere. And if you don't have
a religion, then so be it. Don't put
us down because we do, we don't
put you down because you don't have

I came from a town that was heavy in
Jewish population. It has the first
Syngogne in the United States.
No one in our school made fun of the
Jewish people. No one made a fuss
when the Jewish children didn't come
to school on their religious holidays.
They didn't condemn us for having Christmas.

So what the heck has changed in the
past 20 years and is getting worse.
Why can't we honor each others religion?

I heard that we try to destroy what we
do not understand. That what we do not
understand we fear, so we destroy it.
Is that what is going on?

So pardon me if I am not quite political
correct anymore.

Merry Christmas....

If I am not here, check the jail house...
I will be the one behind bars for saying
and for those who don't like it...well,
I would tell you where to go, but you don't
believe in hell, so what would be the use...


Dogwalkmusings said...

Great posting; absolutely great!

jb3ll3 said...


amyrebba said...

Great job!!! I agree with you. You have heard me say before that I'm not into church and religion because of my childhood, but I do worship God privately and in my own way. Well, This really gets under my skin and I agree, maybe it is time they go find their own Godless pethetic country, but I like ours just the way it was meant to be even with it's imperfections!

Word Tosser said...

Thank you ladies for all your kind words... I appreciate them so....