Monday, December 12, 2005

Pet Peeves...

Going out to dinner from
time to time, there is one
thing that drives me nuts.

No, not the smokers. It
is children. Badly behaved
children. I know I will
get the Grouch of
the Year award for this,
but I wish there were
a separate rooms at
restaurants. Like they
use to have the no smoking
room, and the one for the smokers.

If I recalled many years
back they use to have
two rooms. One was
called the family dining.
That was for those with

Don't get me wrong
I love kids. At the store,
at fair grounds, parks,
McDonald, Burger King,
and etc. .

But when I have to pay
the big bucks to eat in
a dining room. I want
QUIET. I don't want
Jr. kicking the back of
my booth. Or running
up and down the
room or around the
chairs, with mom
or dad in tow..some
times. I don't want
screaming. I want
QUIET. They use to
ask you smoking
or non-smoking when
you walked in. I wanted
to say, non Children,

My kids never saw the
inside of a dining room of
a restaurant until they were
teens. We went to the
mom and pop type of
hamburger places. You
know the ones with
outside sitting. My kids
were normal messy kids.
And if they acted up, then
they were put in the car.
I didn't take them to dining
rooms because I wanted to
eat my food in peace. I wanted
others to eat their food in peace.

Now I will take that Grouch
of the Year award. Thank you.
Unless you want to wait until
I do the blog on people in
restaurants who use their cell phones.

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jb3ll3 said...

You are going to have to do better than this to get us to name your GOTY. You said it perfectly--even the part about taking your own kids to restaurants.