Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Day After Christmas Shopping Conversations

He….I know they are nice looking,
but do you really need 20 goblet
glasses of 4 different colors?
And where are you going to put them?
She… Oh, I will find a place, we
need them for our parties.
He… what parties?

Mom, can’t we go yet? All these tree
ornaments are boooooooooring.. I want
to go home and play with my toys.

Girl 1…. Oh, just look at these. Aren’t
these so beautiful?
Girl 2…. Yea, I guess, just don’t give
it to me next year…

Two girls watching a woman fill her
cart. Girl 1.. did you see that woman?
Girl 2.. yea, those are the ugliest plastic
glasses I have ever seen, and she must
have bought 30 of them.

Little boy walking by with his mother..
So, if I go around this store one more
time with you, you will clean my
whole room?

1 comment:

stebbijo said...

Ohhh -- to have the extra money to shop AFTER Christmas! All those gifts for 100% are now 50% off!