Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Wedding

Monday afternoon was a day to behold..
We drove up in the woods to a lodge
for a wedding of a young lady I have
known since she was in school with
my daughter over 20 years ago.

This young lady just got back from
Kuwait and decided to marry the
young man whom she has known
for a few years.

She picked the right place at
the right time. We drove up to
the lodge and parked our car.

We were about to sit down, when
it started to snow. Just lightly. You
know the soft, slow dropping thru
the air. The kind that pictures are
taken of ... And that is what this was.

Picture a very large log lodge. With
very big windows. And as the snow
was falling, a red sleigh appeared
coming up the path. Stopping in
front of the lodge. Out steps the
bride, in white and white cape that
covered her from her ears to
her feet. And her 7 year old daughter
in white as well, and a white cape
also. They step up the stairs,
and down the deck to the door.
They stepped into the room, with
snow sparkling in their beautiful hairdo's.

They were helped out of their
capes, and then the little
girl walked to the aisle and
started to toss white roses
petals for her mother to walk
thru as she and her father were
walking down the aisle to the
waiting young man. Who beamed
with love for this young lady.

The rest of the ceremony was
lead off with the asking of...who
gives this woman away, to which
the father says, I do, her father.

It was a lovely wedding, and
you could tell how happy every
one was. Her parents, brothers
and sisters join in, welcoming this
young man into their family as
they took pictures. And his
family did the same for her.

I thought back to the days, that
this young lady who honored me
with the title of Mom2, and how
she was an awkward teen, of the
8th grade, growing in all directions.
And Monday, her wedding day...
she is the Snow Princess who
come to claim her Prince.

What a lovely young lady she
has grown up to be.

May the world be your apple,
may life keep you both safe.
May your love last until you
are both old and grey and more.
God Bless you, Shelly and Mike.


stebbijo said...

Sounds like a very lovely wedding.

Someday, I want to see a winter wedding where the bride walks down the aisle in RED and everyone else wears black and white. Poinsettas white roses -- yeah!

Bre said...

That was a beautiful story.

Stebbi, I wanted to wear a red dress at my wedding, I got vetoed. I wanted a red cake at my wedding, I got vetoed. That's ok, I made my bridesmaids wear red and the cake decoreated with red flowers with red filling. =)