Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I am dancing... yes, dancing for joy
SPRING IS COMING...no really. It is
coming. How do I know, because today
in the mail I got my Tomato Growers
Catalog. And we all know that Spring
is coming, when our garden catalogs
start, right?

Ok, if you want to be a downer, I guess
I will try not to be so excited. But with
seed catalogs, I start thinking about it.

I don't want to hear anymore about
the festivies of the week. No, this isn't
about the Christmas vs Holiday thing.
This has nothing to do with the
commercialism of Christmas and etc.

This has to do with the cooking bake
off of yesterday. I had 4 recipes, that
I made up the dough this past weekend
for yesterday. My daughter did at least
that many if not more. And she was
running candy thru during the waiting
for the cookies to cook. So if we say she
did 4 recipes of cookies, that is 8
different kinds, and 3 to 4 pans of each
recipe. That is 24 to 32 pans of cookies.
Times 16 to 20 each...

And of course you have to taste one to make
sure it came out. We started with one cookie
each to test. Then we switched to one half of a
cookie each to test. After 5 hours, it was you
taste it, ........no, you taste it... no, that is ok....
you tell me how it taste.
And then the candies as well. We called in the
expert taster, my grandson.

I don't want to look at another cookie or candy,
or anything sweet for a very long time.

Which is a good thing......
I got on the scale yesterday...
Not good... not good at all...


jb3ll3 said...

Gifts of the season, eh Cis? lol Loved the eggs this morning on HBO. And yeah, yay spring!

granati said...

spring has to be coming soon. i wish too. i have a garden to enlarge and plant...

Bay Views said...

I'm torqued. I don't get any seed catalogs. I guess I'll have to wait until things start to green up for my spring.