Thursday, March 14, 2013

A new Pope...

Yesterday, the people of Rome saw white smoke and then waited an hour to see who was chosen.

Pope Francis is his name.. Seems to be a pretty decent guy from the sounds of things.. and hope he can help out the Catholic church get back on track. He sure has his work cut out for him.

They say he is a man for the people… that he led a meek life style in Argentina. Even when he became a Cardinal, he told the people to stay home and use the traveling money for the poor, instead of going to Rome to see him become a Cardinal.  That he lived in a small apartment and rode the bus or train … when he traveled… right up until he came to Rome to vote for the next Pope.

I like that he is easy to smile. Some of the past Pope’s always looked stern. Maybe it is the job. The last couple have been pretty good about it.. but I remember one they had when I was in my 20’s, and I don’t think he ever smiled.

I wish all my Catholic friends well, with their new Pope… and hope all the snide remarks of “don’t cry for me Argentina” go away…I just don’t get some people.

God Bless… Pope Francis, may you bring the pride of the Catholics back again.